Covid-19 Benefit: Free Worldwide Shipping
Covid-19 Benefit: Free Worldwide Shipping

About Us


So you want to know more about us?

Well, sit back, Start to eat your popcorn and relax. 

This, our dear reader is a story you’ve probably never heard before…


Our story began on a typically cold  New York evening in 2017. It was snowy outside.

New Year’s eve was just a couple of days away…

But more importantly, Our founder’s girlfriend's birthday was on January 2nd! 

Forget about the new years eve… We need to find a gift! And it has to be the best of them all!

Our founder scrolled for hours looking for that perfect gift for his significant other.

Page after page, the perfect gift eluded him. 

A brief thought came up to his mind: 

 “Why isn’t there an online store that simply has everything the simple man needs?”

This is the moment the land of spice was born.

The idea is very simple: “You need to buy something? We have it all!” 

From gifts to gadgets...We have it all! Under one roof.

So, just remember, If you ever needed to buy something...We have it all!



Wonder why “In the land of spice”?

That’s because of our founder’s girlfriend.

She’s a chef - and her biggest love is spices!